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“Entrepreneurship is not about saying Good Bye to ONE BOSS.

It is about saying Hi to MANY BOSSES.”

Your customers, Your team members, Your mentors and as i said MANY MORE.

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I started my entrepreneurial journey in late 2015 when i founded KARD ( A training and resource company for the “entrepreneur in you” ) and Now i’m on and hustling for another project VAYAM ( A social media with events in it’s core ) and above all ( most importantly ) i have made mistakes. How many? A lot.

I am available to help you with how to avoid those mistakes.

We can find number of growth strategies for skyrocketing your startup growth.Together!!!
Feel free to connect. I’m reachable at:

It has been a great journey with KARD till today.

I have collected some really awesome memories from IITs, NITs, BITS, AMITY and many other reputed colleges across the country
by delivering technical and entrepreneurial events.

I'm writing a book titled as

" The code: Awakening the Leader inside "

and after it's completion, i just cannot wait to drop a FREE PDF of this book right into your inbox.

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And what i want in return, a genuine feedback, that's all!!!